Sixth day of Christmas… Keystone config tips!

On the sixth day of Christmas, my true blog gave to me:

Six Keystone config tips,
Five Golden Rules!
Four CI tools
Three powershell scripts,
Two Keystone merge tips,
…and a placeholder rule in the content tree.

There are a lot of configurations that come with the Keystone for Sitecore development accelerator, but here are six that you may not know about!
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First day of Christmas… Rules for nested placeholders!

On the first day of Christmas, my true blog gave to me: a placeholder rule in the content tree!

One of the nice things that comes with Keystone for Sitecore are some built-in rules that let you set placeholder settings via the rules engine. We’ve done things like create re-usable groupings and site-specific rules, but recently I had some fun making options available if you had a dynamic placeholder inside another dynamic placeholder.

The example below shows you how you can add a rendering option to add to a column container for MVC if the column container has been added to a mega menu panel placeholder.

Nested Placeholder Rules

Yo Dawg, I heard you like placeholders…

Keystone: Errors with syncMaster strategy in hardened delivery instance

If you are using Keystone 4.6 or earlier, you may receive this index-related error message after hardening the Sitecore content delivery instance:

Could not find configuration node: contentSearch/indexConfigurations/indexUpdateStrategies/syncMaster

Even if you have followed the SwitchMasterToWeb workarounds from Sitecore’s KB article, the error will not be fully resolved as the standard SwitchMasterToWeb does not contain any references to the Keystone indexes.
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Creating interactive wireframes using Keystone

keystone-logoThis past week I was onsite with a client to review their site requirements and visual designs that had been created. My biggest focus was to try to determine how much additional effort would be required beyond what we could accomplish by implementing Keystone out of the box.

Having talked through the wireframes and designs, we had a fairly good idea of what the client was looking for from a front-end experience. Now it was time to try to use Keystone for a new use: interactive wireframes!

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Keystone: Considerations when upgrading to Sitecore 7.5 or Sitecore 8

keystone-logoWith the releases of Sitecore 7.5 and Sitecore 8 in the last 6 months, there has been a lot of interest from clients in upgrading from their current 6.x versions to the latest and greatest Sitecore platform version. This upgrade process always entails an examination of the modules involved in a solution. Keystone for Sitecore is no different. If you change versions of Sitecore, you will likely need to change which version of the Keystone software you have installed in your build.

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Keystone License – Error “No valid Keystone license can be found”

keystone-logoIn addition to keeping up with your Sitecore license, any Sitecore installation running Keystone must also have an active Keystone license present in the web root folder. Otherwise, you will get an error like the following:

Keystone License – Error

No valid Keystone license can be found. Please ensure the .lic file is in the webroot and the App Pool has access to read the file. If you have placed the file and corrected permissions a restart of the app pool and site may be required.

No licenses found.

If you have already placed the license file (.lic) in your site’s web root folder and are still receiving an error, your license file may have expired. This is especially common for the Keystone trial licenses. At the time of writing, there is not currently a way I can find to view the expiry information for a license file. You will need to contact Keystone support to have them review your license file.

If your license is expired, there are two solutions to resolve the error. You can purchase an updated official product license or you can uninstall all Keystone components. Once Keystone isn’t in your solution, its licensing logic cannot execute and therefore the license error will go away.

Keystone: Adding an MVC view to an existing component

keystone-logoSome Keystone components, like the Accordion and Tabs components, have multiple views. This allows developers to have a different markup for different states. For example, you can present a Page Editor view or a specific view if certain pieces of data are missing. Use the following steps to extend Keystone components to add your own MVC view.

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Keystone for Sitecore: Extending template entities

keystone-logoThe Keystone for Sitecore business layer provides generated template entities for each page and component template. These entities provide properties to access each field with a strongly-typed value, as well as properties for template identifiers, field identifiers, and field names. As you extend the Keystone templates and add new fields, you will want to extend these classes for use in your components.

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Introducing the Keystone resource category!

keystone-logoHave you just started with Keystone for Sitecore? Getting your feet wet and have questions? As one of the architects involved in the building of the Keystone development accelerator, I am starting up a new section of this site to provide regular posts on areas of interest, hidden nuggets, and other things you won’t necessarily see in the official manuals.

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