On the second day of Christmas, my true blog gave to me:

Two Keystone merge tips,
…and a placeholder rule in the content tree.

Let’s check out those merge tips!

Merging Transforms

When you receive the Keystone source code package, it contains a sample Website project to let you quick-start your development. Sometimes, you already have a website project and need to merge these Keystone files into your existing web project.

Adding files to your project works for most, but be careful of transform files on the configurations and dialog overrides. When added to your new project, they will lose their transformation association which will lead to multiple versions of the file being deployed. You will need to re-associate the transformation with the base config file. I find this is most easily done by editing the XML of the project file directly.

AnalyticsController conflict with Coveo

If you have Keystone 4.7.1 or earlier, the MVC controller for the Google Analytics functionality is called “AnalyticsController”. We have found that this conflicts in our layouts with Coveo which also has a controller named “Analytics”. If you have Coveo, during your merge you should update Keystone MVC layouts and the controller class name to refer to “KeystoneAnalytics”.


@Html.Sitecore().Controller("KeystoneAnalytics", "Google")



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