Just another day of meeting Queens and riding dragons, right?

That was not what I was expecting! Just got out of meeting a queen that’s a horse, or unicorn, or some sort of crystal being, or … something? Queen Butt Stallion was regal enough, not every day you meet royalty. But the mission we were needed for was straightforward and very mercenary. No pomp and circumstance, straight to the point: an armada of air ships headed our way, we take it out.

Easy, right?

Did I mention we took a dragon here? We took a dragon here. Knight Ryder called it Scaly Boi, and we’re taking a ride up again to take on the airships. That was another first, riding a dragon. No idea how people do that without grinning like an idiot! Definitely not my preferred way to travel, what with the massive drop below, but if you are going to put your life on the line you might as well do it riding one of the most dangerous living things in existence. When the Ashen folks give the word, I promise you we’ll take a ride. Assuming I live that long…

We’ll be taking off soon, so I’ll pause the log here until we have another quiet moment.

This is just in case: I love you.





*Grunts.* *Psychotic laughing.*

“Mow ‘em down!”

*CAW! CAW! CAW!* *Wings flap and things explode*

“Wait, is this thing still on?”


[Log ends]

Image credits:

  • Cover image: From Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands by 2K Games (Sourced from 2K Games )

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