Alrighty why don’t we dig into what exactly is this “Bunkers and Badasses”

If you’re familiar with Borderlands, the video game, this kind of artwork it’s going to look familiar to you.

Borderlands is a lot about guns and shooting things. Bunkers & Badasses is a lot about guns and shooting things… but in a fantasy setting.

ADVENTURE. EXCITEMENT. LOOT. These are the currencies of that most dangerous, that most heroic, that most head explodingest occupation in all the six galaxies: Vault Hunting.

Vault Hunters scour the Galaxy in search of alien artifacts (and guns), defeating villains (by shooting them with guns) and saving innocents (in exchange for guns).

Vault Hunters are badasses of the highest order. And what makes a badass, exactly? Is it their ability to commit wanton violence on a planet-exterminating scale? Is it their ability to take a buzzaxe to the face without breaking stride?

No, my friends.

There is only one element that separates the normal denizens of the universe from true badasses:


The ability to create universes with nothing but your mind’s eye. The willingness to hand over your fate to the roll of a single die. The desire to tell a story with your friends. The drive to create and play and share and improvise an adventure that will echo throughout your memories for all time.

That is badassery.

And that is what you will hopefully find within the pages of this tome.

Welcome to Bunkers & Badasses.

From ‘Bunkers & Badasses’ handbook, by Nerdvana Games

So that’s a little bit about what Bunkers & Badasses is. We’ll take a look at some more of the book and the cool artwork things here.

Image credit: Cover image artwork copyright Nerdvana Games, sourced from

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