On the tenth day of Christmas, my true blog gave to me… ten women of Sitecore!

nine sessions of trainingeight tweets a-tweetingseven VSTS featuressix GIFS a-dancingfive Golden Rules!
Four Community Sitesthree Maturity Modelstwo Sitecore PaaS features, and Sitecore in a NuGet feed.

Nick Wesselman said it well in his post asking for people to nominate deserving women to be Sitecore MVP:

“Diversity of people means diversity of ideas, and more female role models will only help to grow and strengthen the Sitecore community as a whole.”

Today’s post highlights 10 women of the many who have made significant contributions to the Sitecore community. These women not only excel in their field, but have shown they are among the best of the best across the entire world: any gender, any race, any nation.

Amanda Shiga (VP Marketing Science & Analytics, Nonlinear Creations)

Follow Amanda: https://twitter.com/AmandaShiga

Liz Spranzani (SVP of Development, Verndale)

Read Elizabeth’s insights on the Verndale blog.


Jill Grozalsky (Marketing Strategist, Genuine)

Follow Jill: https://twitter.com/Jgrozalsky


Ishraq Fataftah (Technical Director, Tanasuk Technologies)

Follow Ishraq: https://twitter.com/ifataftah

Kelly Brennan (Senior Developer, Switch I.T.)

Follow Kelly: https://twitter.com/kjaneb

Nina Anderson (Web Practice Lead, Clerkswell)

Read Nina’s thoughts on the Clerkswell blog.

Martina Wehlander (Programmer Writer, Sitecore)

Follow Martina: https://twitter.com/mhwelander

Sue Klumpp (CFO/COO Brainjocks)

Follow Sue: https://twitter.com/sueklumpp

Kris Kieper (VP Client Services, Aware Web)

Follow Kris: https://twitter.com/kjkieper

Julia Gavrilova (Lead Architect, XCentium)

Follow Julia: https://twitter.com/julia812

And more…

The above are only 10 of the women who are doing great work in our community. Know somebody you would add to the list? Reply to the post and help others connect and learn from these great minds!


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