On the ninth day of Christmas, my true blog gave to me… nine sessions of training!

eight tweets a-tweetingseven VSTS featuressix GIFS a-dancingfive Golden Rules!
Four Community Sitesthree Maturity Modelstwo Sitecore PaaS features, and Sitecore in a NuGet feed.

Throughout 2016, Akshay Sura and Mike Reynolds have been bringing unofficial Sitecore training! Below are links to the 8 previous sessions, and the 9th upcoming session in January. Some of them even have videos you can stream online if you missed them!

Session 1: An introduction to Sitecore

Rescheduled to March 3rd after an initial false start, this session was unfortunately not recorded. This session covered the basics of installation, development, and the API.

Session 2: Enhanced Sitecore development

The session from May dug deeper into Sitecore development with a look at the API, field types, and the admin screens. This one was  recorded!

Session 3: Serialization and ORM

TDS, Unicorn, Rainbow, Glass, Synthesis, Fortis… SO MUCH WOW in this session!

Session 4: Presentation, Datasources, and more!

October brought another Sitecore session, this time diving deep into datasources, renderings, and other advanced Sitecore topics.

Session 5: Sitecore Powershell Extensions

Michael West takes the audience through all things SPE in this mid-November session.

Session 6: Customizations for pipelines and events

Mike and Akshay take the audience through how to truly change how Sitecore operates.

Session 7: Best Practices

Vasiliy Fomichev held session 7 a few weeks ago and guided viewers through best practices across all sorts of Sitecore topics, including naming conventions, workflow, and datasources.

(Note: the video for this session has not yet been posted)

Session 8: Continuous Integration and Deployment

I had the honour of leading this session and covered many ‘continuous’ practices. The session is focused around improvement, deployment, and a recognition that we all need different solutions.

Session 9: xDB

This is an upcoming session led by Amanda Shiga that will be happening on January 12th. Register for it now!



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