Sitecore MVP Summit 2014: Return of the Jedi

MVP 2014 -TechnologyThe week in Vegas culminated with the gathering of all the North American Sitecore MVPs for the 2014 MVP Summit. Starting off with a solid breakfast was a must for most of the group, especially those who had stayed out until the wee hours of the morning. If a coffee shortage had occurred, blood might well have been shed!

Luckily for all, food and liquids were in plentiful supply and the group was small enough to feel cozy. The MVP summit had a lot of ‘secret stuff’ that can’t be shared, but I can say that it looks like the future of Sitecore is going to be pretty exciting!

We got to hear from Sitecore, Coveo, and the product team on the future of Sitecore architecture (nicely done ‘Jim‘).

The MVP challenge

The Q&A with Sitecore was pretty solid too and was a great chance for many MVPs to find out more about what’s happening with some pet peeves. My favourite part of the event, however, was the MVP Challenge. The stakes were high (free travel mug!) and everybody was getting into it. Our team, while solid enough to reach the finals, could not clinch it when it counted. I blame myself. I should have found a way to sell ‘cheating’ to the team. 🙂

Stacking the deck

With 6 MVPs at the summit, we had pretty good odds of having somebody from nonlinear being on a team that took home the prize. While Team Awesome did our collective best (we didn’t name our team officially at the summit, so I’m taking the chance to do so now), it was Glen who was able to reach the podium, even if he had to step over me to do it!


I’m looking forward to what is coming and hopefully getting a chance to see everybody again! My flight out of Vegas leaves soon, so it’s time to say goodbye to the fantastical opulence, extravagance, and overabundance that is Las Vegas. Now, time to get back home, recharge, and get ready to dive back into the real world!

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