On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true blog gave to me… twelve Deployment memes!

eleven blogs a-plenty, ten women of Sitecore, nine sessions of trainingeight tweets a-tweetingseven VSTS featuressix GIFS a-dancingfive Golden Rules!
Four Community Sitesthree Maturity Modelstwo Sitecore PaaS features, and Sitecore in a NuGet feed.

Last year I brought you an installment of Sitecore memes, and this year my webinar on Continuous Integration and Deployment allowed me to round up a whole new set of memes. Here is the 2016 list of Deployment memes!

1. Kitty Haz CI Needs


2. Bane tells you like it is


3. What do you mean the deployment failed?


4. The Art of Repetition


5. Lumbergh has a request


6. All the things


7. Challenge Accepted


8. I am the walrus, coo coo cachoo


9. Picard receives his report


10. Continuous Testing requires experts


11. Kitty wants a repeatable process


12. Joker is confused by Continuous Delivery


Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Thank you all for visiting during 2016 and enjoy your holidays! We’ll see you back in the new year. What will 2017 bring for us? We can only wait and see!


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