SUGCON – Day One

The MVP Summit may be over, but SUGCON started today and all I can say is that I WAS NOT PREPARED.

I was not prepared for the amount of work that Akshay, Mike, Hedgehog, and BrainJocks had put into this event.

I was not prepared for the number and variety of attendees here at the conference.

I was MOST DEFINITELY not prepared for the “ring girl” at the accelerator panel!


Since Nick and I had to spend some time prepping for the panel, I was only able to attend one session. However, that one session was Kern’s awesome talk on unit testing Sitecore. I keep wanting to do more in this area, but I keep thinking I should wait for Sitecore to re-architect itself to be more testable before I invest at that level.

However, while working diligently away, I kept an eye to Twitter and could definitely tell I was missing out on some great fun!


Nick and I finally put our preparation to the test by joining Adam, Pavel, and Brian on stage with our moderator Mr. John West. All 3 accelerators have a lot of areas where we seem to overlap superficially, but the way we go about things and target our audiences is quite different.

We tried to drive home the message of simplicity. Going fast is one thing, but you need something that is simple to get started with, simple to extend, and designed simply enough to be stable and easily tested. We had a lot of fun, and thanks to all the great folks who came out to see us!

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