Sitecore MVP Summit – Day Three

Well, the MVP summit has wrapped up, and SUGCON is about to get into full swing. Which means my time for procrastinating is gone. 🙂 Now the rubber will hit the road for the accelerator panel tomorrow, and then my Continuous Integration presentation on Friday.

The sessions

I went to most of the sessions today, but Stephen Pope’s look at the future of Sitecore architecture really stood out for me. Obviously I wasn’t the only one, because the breakout session led by Mr. Pope was overflowing with participants.

With all the information that has been shown to us over the past few days, I must admit I’m feeling a little shell-shocked. There is a lot to take in and process, but luckily most of this is coming later rather than sooner, so that gives us some time to prepare.


With the accelerator panel coming Thursday afternoon, Nick and I broke away from the summit for a while to get things prepped. I’m getting excited to show stuff off and reveal what’s coming next from the Keystone team.

To go along with the “Go full throttle” theme that is in the panel advertising, we’re asking folks to use the #FullThrottle hashtag on Twitter to get involved and let us know what you think, what questions you have, or anything at all. Don’t be shy! We’ll be monitoring the hashtag throughout the panel to help folks get the most out of the content. It’s SUGCON time!

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