TDS deployments slow with Sitecore 6.6? Upgrade versions!

HedgehogHave your deployments to Sitecore 6.6 installations been taking a very long time?  Do your build logs show 3-4 seconds for every template item that is deployed?  Are you seeing the following warning in Sitecore logs?

All caches have been cleared. This can decrease performance considerably.

If so, you are probably running on an older version of TDS.  I recently ran into this problem with our TeamCity installation that was using TDS to execute deployments.  Simple deployments were taking over 30 minutes, sometimes up to a full hour.  We brought that down to 5 minutes or less by simply upgrading to the latest version of TDS.

In the release notes for TDS, you’ll find the following entry for version

Team Development for Sitecore

April 15, 2013

  • Significant performance enhancements with Sitecore 6.6 deployments

The word ‘Significant’ is not lying.  If you are on any version from earlier than, upgrade now to ensure your Sitecore 6.6 deployments operate efficiently!  Also, note that now introduces full compatibility with Sitecore 7, as highlighted in their release notes:

Team Development for Sitecore

June 6, 2013

  • Full compatibility with Sitecore 7
  • Allow TDS builds to run with a blank deploy folder location
  • Fixed a problem where new version dialog box is too small
  • Fixed build fails to get key problem that occurred when app pool was not recycled

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