Keystone: Adding an MVC view to an existing component

keystone-logoSome Keystone components, like the Accordion and Tabs components, have multiple views. This allows developers to have a different markup for different states. For example, you can present a Page Editor view or a specific view if certain pieces of data are missing. Use the following steps to extend Keystone components to add your own MVC view.

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Sitecore MVC: Editable links wrapping text and images

In transitioning from Sitecore Web Forms sublayouts to Sitecore MVC renderings, there are some things that have to be done a little differently. In this post, we’ll examine the scenario of wanting to provide authors with the ability to edit text or an image inside of an editable link. Credit goes to @mhwelander who helped me out by providing the solution!

The essential issue at play here is that you no longer have the ability to ‘wrap’ server controls around each other. In Web Forms, you can place one control inside of another, but this is not supported by the Sitecore MVC markup format.

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Introducing the Keystone resource category!

keystone-logoHave you just started with Keystone for Sitecore? Getting your feet wet and have questions? As one of the architects involved in the building of the Keystone development accelerator, I am starting up a new section of this site to provide regular posts on areas of interest, hidden nuggets, and other things you won’t necessarily see in the official manuals.

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