Just another day of invading an airship…

Sorry about that last log, we landed hot on an airship and things were… shaky. I never thought a ship like that would have such defenses. I had advised folks to come on the ship from behind, avoid the common defenses. We were almost blown out of the sky!

When we did crash ourselves in, we found ourselves in an engine room, with a lot of unfriendlies. The engineers were no problem, but their guards are decked out in full armor and it takes a lot of firepower to take these soldiers out.  Kaylee and the gang were doing great, until we weren’t. One of these tin cans decided to take a swing and sent Kaylee to the floor. I lost it, and so did that Fin character. The metal didn’t save that guy from me blowing his head wide open and having him dumped in the engine. I scooped up Kaylee, and hopefully she will be fine soon. Poor thing.

Alarms went off quickly enough, and there seems to be only one way out of here. I thought about scaling the outside for a quick minute, not exactly enjoying the idea of riding the only way up or down to where everybody else would be coming from. But alas, we couldn’t find a safer way out. We shut the engines down, though, so at least the airship won’t be going anywhere soon.

I tried squeezing into this armor, as a disguise. It chafes something fierce. How do these soldiers stand this stuff? I feel like I’m going to cut myself open if I step the wrong way. Doesn’t seem to affect the aim, though, so that’s a plus.

There are quite a few decks in this ship, and the quarters proved to be noisy, dangerous, and ultimately unhelpful. We did find Fin, though. Did I mention he went down? It may have, kind of, been my fault. He seems none the worse for wear, though! The guy practically danced his way through the enemies and set a trap while in motion.

Right now, we’re going to send this elevator to another floor, see what we can find. Min and Zoe are pretty sure we need to find some sort of key for the vault. With the alarms going off and the noise we’re making, I suspect we’ll have quite the welcoming party when those doors open!

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