Oracle has announced that they will be turning off the AddThis service on May 31, 2023 which is going to impact a lot of websites around the web that have been using this for the easy social sharing icons that it provided.

How does this affect you?

From a Sitecore implementation perspective, you may have put the AddThis buttons into some of your components or pages, or you are using the SXA AddThis component, which Sitecore is now deprecating because of the announcement. The component is planned to be removed in an upcoming version and any existing version of the component will stop working properly once Oracle deactivates the AddThis service.

What should you do?

The most immediate need will be to remove the AddThis feature from your sites. If you are using the SXA component, you probably want to remove the SXA component from your pages and republish your items so that it no longer shows on your site. If you have done this with custom renderings, you’ll want to remove the code references to the AddThis service.

After you have AddThis removed from your site, you can decide if you want to find a replacement feature.

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