Jax’s ECHO Log entry #4: Apparently those Claptraps are good for something.

Well, that went surprisingly smoothly. First time anything went as expected, really. I must be getting paranoid because I can’t shake the feeling that means something awful is about to happen.

Right before heading back to Brymstone, we tested out that golden wand. I wouldn’t spread this news around too much, but that thing made a skag explode like it had swallowed a pack of grenades. Zoe fired a single burst, then nothing left of that skag but the guts on the rocks. There was a reason so many guilds were after this thing. And there’s a reason that nutjob in the basement went nuts and killed his father to get it. Personally, I’m glad we’ll be getting rid of it. I don’t think we want the trouble that’s going to come for this thing.

There was talk of trying to cross that arms dealer, Marcus, but luckily this crew knew enough not to be messing with somebody who makes a habit of arming entire guilds and still lives to tell the tale. Seemed like we got a good deal trading that weapon in, at least that’s what Min and Zoe tell me. More than enough to pay for the repairs.

I mentioned a useful Claptrap. Damn good tailor. Suit looks like new! Just like back in the day. Do you remember that night at the club? You must have split that knuckledraggers skull clean in two on the bar!  They had it coming.

But I might just need to come back to Brymstone some day and get a new suit made here if that Claptrap can do repairs like this. Might be good not to be wandering around in the same clothes every day, especially given where we’re headed. Apparently, there’s some Queen around these parts. Or at least, in the parts we’re headed to next.

While at Moxie’s place, I overheard some knights talking about an upcoming invasion. As you know, soldiers will always talk better with a drink or two in them, so I tried that. A little more suspicion in Brymstone, though. I guess strangers don’t often buy drinks for the knights around here. Fair enough. I owed that Ryder kid, though, for my earlier words, and while it didn’t work the usual way I got what we needed. Seems like there’s something big going down with some Queen involved. Good thing I got the suit repaired, we’ve got some work to do. 

How do you greet a queen anyway? Is this a curtsy type of thing? I guess I’ll let you know. Time to grab some shut-eye before we catch a transport, might be the last chance at some rest for a while.

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