All these apps love telling you about all the stuff you did in the past year, so I started collecting them together along with my own look at things. Here’s how 2022 went for little old me!

What didn’t work?

A few of the #VoiceTheDocs videos got some decent views on social, but in general the series fell flat and even trying it out on TikTok didn’t yield the results I had hoped for. I might still come back to this at another point in time because it was a lot of fun, but I moved on to other content now.

I also had a hard time converting my coding exploration and learning into blog articles. I managed to get one short article on Azure Functions CORS out which did well, but I have a lot of stuff I’ve learned (and taken notes on) that should be articles but I can’t seem to get those written! I need to allocate more time for writing those coding articles into my day job!

In terms of YouTube videos, in general, these underperformed on my personal channel. Even though I have very few TikTok followers, my TikTok stats outperform the same video on YouTube in pretty much every engagement category. I love using YouTube as my central store for my videos (and prefer having no annoying watermarks), but as a creator it is not working to help me find an audience yet. I need to figure out how to improve my SEO there.

What worked well?

Unsurprisingly, my Sitecore content performed the best on Ever since I moved towards more DevRel and management content several years ago, my views have gone way down month-over-month, especially when I don’t write about Sitecore. This is to be expected, given how I’ve built my audience over time, but it is nice when the occasional non-Sitecore article does well.

On TikTok, my Bunkers & Badasses series has performed the best of any series of videos I’ve done. Once I started that series, I started seeing a slow rise in how many views I was getting from the algorithm. More recently, the algorithm is starting to zero in on the audience that will like the videos and I’m getting a better “like-to-view” ratio.

In 2021, my “Becoming a Leader” presentation was very popular at conferences and I delivered it a lot. For 2022, I presented it a few more times but started turning it into articles and videos. These have been doing reasonably well, and the articles were even syndicated by the SlashData DevRelX team on their site. There seems to be an appetite for this topic and my own personal take on it, and I’m looking forward to presenting it again at “You Got This” in January.

Content creation in 2022

Going through my timeline for this past year was eye opening! I hadn’t realized just how much I was putting out there on a regular basis. Some of it worked a little, a lot was just okay, and some just downright didn’t hit at all. I think getting into TTRPG content on TikTok has definitely been the most fun for me lately, though. I hope I can keep that up!

By the numbers…

GitHub in 2022

I spent a lot of this year trying to get across different types of tech that I wasn’t as familiar with. As a traditional .NET developer for a lot of years, it’s been a long time since I did much front-end. I won’t say I’ve cracked the code and you should hire me for your next refresh, but I’m starting to get some of the basics down. My top languages this year were:

  • TypeScript
  • JavaScript
  • CSS

The majority of my coding was helping out with the Sitecore Developer Portal and working on learning front-end through my YouTube Competitor dashboard where I gradually overarchitect the simplest page with more and more tech!

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