I’ve decided to try out something new: a series of videos trying to bring a voice to documentation! As a dad, I do a lot of reading out loud for my kids. Doing funny voices, or just trying to make a story engaging and interesting. I started thinking… what could I do with developer documentation?

This new #VoiceTheDocs series will be available on most of my social channels, but this is also going to be my first attempt at posting videos to TikTok. Like millions of people I like watching videos on the platform, but now I’m hoping to learn a bit about the #TechTok community over there, and see what it’s like to be part of such a big video community as a creator!

The first episode: Sitecore OrderCloud – Globalization for Marketplaces

My first attempt was with a Globalization for Marketplaces doc from the Sitecore OrderCloud team. If you have something you want me to try this with, let me know with a comment on one of the videos, or here!

My first TikTok

One of the first things I need to learn about TikTok: How do I get the embed to display properly? Currently the initial load seems okay but then the video loads in and everything breaks?

The embed doesn’t seem to work on my site, for now, so I’ll just direct link you to the TikTok site. Or you can check out the YouTube version…

The YouTube version (widescreen)

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