Today on the Tech Marketing blog, I announced that Sitecore has made a big change to The downloads are now hosted via CDN, making it available globally at much faster download speeds than was previously possible.

Along with this change? NO MORE ACCESS RESTRICTIONS! You don’t have to login, be certified, have a special permission role… nothing. Everybody can get access. I think this calls for a success meme :

Sitecore downloads are now global!

Good news in 2020? Yes! Sitecore has placed all downloads from onto a global CDN to provide faster download times and availability to wherever you find yourself in the world! 


  1. And with Sifon you can download all the binaries in one shot for a version of choice (9.3, 10.0 and 10.0.1) including all the popular modules – more that 6GB combined.

    Get Sifon for Sitecore from website or from Chocolatey (cinst sifon)

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