On the fourth day of Christmas, my true blog gave to me:

Four CI tools,
Three powershell scripts,
Two Keystone merge tips,
…and a placeholder rule in the content tree.

We all love checking out tools, so here are four Continuous Integration applications you can put under your tree this Christmas!


I’ve used this one a lot (as you’ll see from other blogs on this site).  This is free software that you will install on premise, and the licensing gives you up to 3 build agents and 20 build configurations before you have to start paying.

Download from JetBrains: https://www.jetbrains.com/teamcity/


bamboo-logoI haven’t had a chance to play with this particular tool, but I use a lot of the other Atlassian products and everything I’ve used from them has been high quality. This has integration into your other Atlassian tools, so great for tying into JIRA tickets and Bitbucket source control. Available with cloud, or server editions, at reasonable prices (free trial available).

Check it out on Atlassian’s site: https://www.atlassian.com/software/bamboo/

Visual Studio Online (now Team Services)

VSOYou can use TFS build locally, but CI to Azure from a cloud app is just so much cooler! Support for the old-school XAML is still in there, but now you can build up proper multi-step build scripts via the UI, which was a big thing missing from the tool before.

Free usage for small teams, and then extra licensing for larger teams.

Visual Studio: https://www.visualstudio.com/products/visual-studio-team-services-vs


jenkins-logoJenkins is not my thing, but is a very popular CI tool and is open source so you can fork it and do whatever you want. It’s got tons of stuff out of the box and will definitely keep up your street cred and sit along side your Git, Docker, and Linux tool set.

Jenkins: https://jenkins-ci.org/



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