Sitecore MVP Summit 2015 – Day One

It’s Monday and I’m in New Orleans. Wait. I should phrase that differently.


The Sitecore MVP registration and reception happened this evening. The real fun is chatting with MVPs from all over the world. I had a great talk with Robert Hock by the pool, and met new faces like Jeff Wang from Australia. I hope to get a chance to chat with more folks over the next few days.

Seeing the French Quarter

Fellow nonlinearite Nick Allen and I took a quick walk-about after some lunch to see the immediate surroundings of our hotel. There seems to be a lot to take in, so I’ll need to do some wandering to really find more in the area.

A little history
A little history
Down by the river
Down by the river

My fellow MVPers

The Twitter-world was exploding for #SitecoreMVPSummit today. To wrap up the day, here are some messages from my fellow summit attendees:

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