Sitecore Technical MVP Award 2014!

MVP 2014 -TechnologyA few months ago I submitted my candidacy for this year’s technical MVP awards and this month I was notified that I had been rewarded for my efforts in 2014! I am now officially a Sitecore Technology MVP.

I have joined a small group of excellent folks from around the world who are focused on helping their customers and the community work with Sitecore, including several of my colleagues at nonlinear.  My congratulations to Randy, Amanda, Nick, Glen, and Eduardo who also received awards!

Thank you, the reader, for all the help you’ve given me in this last year by reading this blog and asking such great questions!

Additional details:


    1. It seems to work on a nomination basis, from what I understand. An existing MVP nominates you and then there is an application process where you detail your involvement in the community. Sitecore reviews the application and decides from there. Luckily for me, I work with some great MVPs and they helped guide me through the application process.

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