TFS as perfect tool for Scrum (Part 1) – Introduction in Scrum and TFS

I’ve been using TFS 2010 and 2012 as an ALM tool for the last year and a half, and this blog post summarizes my thoughts on the good parts of the platform perfectly!

I will note that I don’t think TFS is a “perfect tool”.  Any tool has ways in which it can improve, and you can just look at the competitors in the ALM space to see where they are trying to differentiate themselves in order to see where TFS might fall short, or be missing some polish.  However, I haven’t seen any other ALM tool that covers as many aspects of the application lifecycle.  TFS may not be best-in-breed at any one task (bug reporting, source control, build management, etc.) but it can do it all in one product, which is what I like best about it.  Having a “single truth” to what is happening, instead of having it spread across multiple disparate tools.

The Road to ALM

This year I was invited again to present at Microsoft TechDays. This event is held every year in the World Forum in The Hague. This year I spoke about why TFS is the perfect tool for Scrum.

My session was about how to use TFS as tool for Scrum. I talked about the different stages of Scrum, and what TFS can do in these stages. For example, Where to put the Sprint Goal, How to Split up PBI’s etc.

For the people who speak Dutch, my session can be found on Channel 9 and the slides can be viewed here.

For all people who do not speak Dutch or who do not want to see slides or video alone this blog will be the answer. In the upcoming weeks, I will blog about this session. I will talk about how TFS can support the implementation of Scrum and…

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  1. Thanks for the reblog! I agree on the “everything can improve” part 🙂 but hey.. I am an VS ALM MVP and needed a nice title for my talk and blog series 🙂

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