Sitecore 7: Content scalability and other exciting things

SitecoreThe company I work for has several Sitecore MVPs on staff who recently received an early preview of Sitecore 7.  The preview stirred up some excitement within the team, and yielded a great post by Amanda Shiga highlighting three reasons to be excited about the upcoming Sitecore 7 release.

There are definitely a bunch of goodies in there, but the changes for supporting greater content scalability is definitely going to have the most impact on Sitecore developers.  The current Sitecore.Item classes for calling the API will still be there, but if you want to take advantage of content scalability and performance all Sitecore developers are going to need to retool their frameworks and best practices.  Sitecore 7 starts to set us up to move towards using the indexes and not directly accessing the content via the API.

I’m also interested to see how the item buckets and indexing are going to impact unit testing.  Once I get a chance to play around in there, I’ll post some examples of how to do unit testing on the new platform.  I’m hopeful that the new model that is more abstracted away from the database should allow for an easier de-coupling from the context and database connections.

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