Dungeons and Dragons TFS Process Template

TFSThere was no way that I could resist downloading the D&D process template posted by the TFS product team on their blog.  I absolutely NEEDED to see what had been done inside here.  The blog post was very bare on the details, but it seems that with a few configuration changes this process template can help to make your daily work a little more fun.

Here’s what I was able to find by digging through the files in the ZIP that you can download:

Work Item Type: Quest

Well, what would the party do if there wasn’t a Quest?  This work item type has the standard Task fields along with a few new ones:

  • Remaining Monsters: A double-type field tied to Microsoft.VSTS.Scheduling.RemainingMonsters.  This tracks the Remaining Work on the Quest.
  • Character Class: A string field with suggested list items such as Magician, Fighter, Cleric, Thief, and Druid.  This maps to the Activity field.

The workflow states flow through the standard type of flow, with some new names:

  • New becomes Logged
  • In Progress becomes Playing.

Work Item Type: Dungeon

Product Backlog Items are so boring: why aren’t we exploring dungeons all the time?  There’s a new Level field which replaces Effort, but the Dungeon changes are mostly in the workflow states:

  • New becomes Discovered
  • Approved becomes Mapped
  • Committed becomes Conquering
  • Done becomes Conquered

Work Item Type: Dragon

Who doesn’t want to slay a Dragon?  Issues are so bland, and there’s no glory in crushing a Bug.   However, testers might find it a little strange to “report a Dragon” or “verify a Dragon slaying”.  Get ready to launch some Magic Missiles at these new workflow state names:

  • New becomes Discovered
  • Approved becomes Targeted
  • Committed becomes Fighting
  • Done becomes Dead


Some minor changes to the Category definitions get these into play.

  • Bug Category:  Default (and only) work item type is the Dragon.
  • Requirement Category: Default work item type is a Dungeon, but the Dragon lives here too.  The plural of this category is actually renamed to Achievements in the configurations.
  • Task Category: Default (and only) work item type is the Quest.

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