Scrum. Difficult Conversations. Start with Prioritization.

ScrumMike Vizdos’ post on having difficult conversations at the strategic level about Scrum and Agile is a few months old but always relevant. Whether we are trying to make the change to Agile in our own companies, or whether we are trying to work with a partner and get on the same page about agile development, we should be prepared to talk about the mystical agile silver bullet.

Agile doesn’t fix any basic organizational issues, it just allows us to gain feedback more often and reduce waste by ensuring we don’t spend 8 months going down the wrong track and then have to start over!

I was reminded of some videos from a while back about a poor project manager trying to run an agile project.  If you haven’t seen them before, take a look at the “I want to run an agile project” videos for a little bit of humour on the subject:

  1. I want to run an agile project
  2. I want to run an agile project – Part 2

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