Baby Steps to SOA – An Introduction

Service-oriented ArchitectureAround five years ago, I remember a lot of folks started getting into the hype around Service-Oriented Architecture. “This is the way of the future!” you would hear, or “All of our problems will be solved by moving to SaaS or SOA!” Take a moment now and consider your own workplace. How much of your business processes are actually sitting in a nice reusable service? Any?  Alternatively, how many times have you had to make a bug fix in the middle of a bunch of hard-coded integration logic running SQL directly to a legacy system?

There’s probably one eager developer at your workplace (maybe even you?) that jumped on the bandwagon, built an ASMX or WCF service to serve up tombstone data from a legacy backend, and then gave up when nobody else adopted it. Adoption has been a huge problem in many organizations, especially small-to-medium businesses that simply don’t have the budgets to rebuild their entire infrastructure from the current spaghetti mess of interdependencies to a full SOA managed by an Enterprise Service Bus.

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