Sitecore publishing: what does it mean?

Sitecore 122Over time, our team has realized that when we are speaking to a client about publishing in Sitecore, we may not all be talking about the same thing. There really are three “publish” contexts that a client may be referring to: workflow approval, web database publishing, and content delivery cache clearing. Trying to make this clear to a client isn’t always easy.

But it can be!
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4 Tips for Optimizing Incremental Sitecore Content Publishing

For the past few years, I have not been a big fan of incremental publishing. In fact, I’ve often recommended if there was one publishing mode to never use, it was incremental publishing. I didn’t know all the facts, but the truth was that every time I tried to implement a solution with incremental publishing the content wouldn’t publish correctly.

Over time, Sitecore has been tweaking incremental publishing and making it better, and some of the issues (like handling item renames) have been fixed in 7.2.  However, if you’re still on one of the other releases, there are a few tweaks you can make to enhance your incremental publishing.

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Sitecore 7.2: Related Item Publishing

SitecoreA lot of new stuff dropped in Sitecore 7.2, so our team started taking a look at some of the bits that interested us most. I did a little bit of testing and review of the new related item publishing enhancements, and they are quite nice.

Peek on over at the corporate blog for my findings:

Sitecore: Publishing stuck on Initializing after applying Scalability settings

I recently came across this issue after applying some scalability settings, and couldn’t initially figure out why the publishing was no longer working.  Accessing the Desktop and using site publishing would display the dialog, but would hang on the Initializing… stage.  After some preliminary investigation, it turned out that the issue was with the instance names provided in the scalability settings.

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