Sitecore 10 benefits for Content Strategists and Digital Marketers

Everything brands need to deliver and evolve experiences in a fully integrated solution. Adapt quickly based on contextual insights through Horizon and deploy data-informed updates or new experience elements faster than ever before.

If you want a quick overview of the whole release, check out Sitecore 10 Highlights article. In the following article, we’re going to drill down into the changes and benefits for the technical teams of content strategists, authors, and marketers.

While a lot of the big changes in the release address technology delivery, there are several new enhancements that allow marketing teams to quickly evolve experiences and have a better flow with their existing tools.

See the promo!

The Sitecore corporate YouTube channel dropped a 2-minute promo video all about delivering the ultimate customer experience with Sitecore 10:

You can also see the official What’s New? page

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Soul in the Machine – Benevolent Guardians of Personal Data

This is Part 1 in the Soul in the Machine series.

In the Soul in the Machine series, I will be delving into our collective responsibility to ensure that computing systems are treating users fairly and responsibly. Specifically, I will be raising the ethical questions around current trends such as data privacy regulations and machine learning capabilities.

Right now, in Part 1, we are going to journey together into the recent GDPR legislation and how we as technologists and marketers need to re-examine our traditional approaches to personal data!

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