Should we host Sitecore on IaaS or PaaS? (Jan 2020)

This started as a question on the community forums, and my answer got so long I decided to capture it here as well.

In general, when you are choosing an infrastructure model the first question you need to ask is what your team is comfortable having responsibility over, and what your organization is willing to pay to have somebody else worry about. You could do it in-house, pay a managed services group or Sitecore partner, or have Sitecore do things for you. Figure out what your team wants to have responsibility for and then that will guide you towards the best hosting model for your production environment.

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On the second day of Christmas… two Sitecore PaaS features

On the second day of Christmas, my true blog gave to me… two Sitecore PaaS features: Redis Cache and Azure Search!

…and a Sitecore in a NuGet feed.

With Sitecore 8.2 Update 1, the PaaS offering shown at Symposium 2016 became available on Azure Marketplace along with ARM templates and much more.

I was interested by the introduction of Azure Search and Redis Cache. Azure Search basically renders the Lucene/SOLR discussion moot, and Azure Redis Cache brings about all kinds of capabilities for High Availability and Disaster Recovery as well as the sharing across a web farm.

Here are a few extra reads for the curious: