Visual Studio Online agile options are opening up

VSORecently, Aaron Bjork wrote about some of the goodies coming down the pipe for Visual Studio Online (VSO) agile project management options. I still remember my first forays into TFS 2010, trying desperately to use it to manage my agile projects.

Needless to say, I was frustrated at the time, but today is a new day!

There are a lot of things coming like Kanban board improvements, hierarchical backlog management, and task customizations. Fun goodies to play with for all 🙂
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Going Lean: Tips from the trenches

ScrumContinuous refinement is always in need when working in an agile delivery framework. The first thing you learn when you adopt a framework is that it does not work for all situations. Scrum, like other models, works really well in particular development situations. Sometimes, however, you need to transition your team to something leaner for a particular project that doesn’t fit into the regular delivery cadence.

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Scaled Agile: Bringing Kanban to the Executives

Portfolio KanbanIn my normal cadence, this week would be another installment in the Baby Steps to SOA series.  However, with a few weeks of vacation under my belt, I was not prepared to tackle the important discussion of centralizing eCommerce business logic quite yet.  That being said, my vacation time did allow me to finally finish reading Dean Leffingwell’s Agile Software Requirements: Lean Requirements Practices for Teams, Programs, and the Enterprise. 

The content of the book, along with the content (SAFe), provides a great blueprint for bringing agile mindsets to larger enterprises.  It goes beyond just the problems on the development team and covers all the tiers of the enterprise, including the executives.

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Free Agile Task Tracking with Trello

TrelloThere are a ridiculous number of tools out there to help track tasks, but of all of them, Trello has been my favourite for cheap agile task tracking.  It’s has no cost, unlimited boards, real-time collaboration, and a UI so intuitive it makes adoption across the team dead simple.

First priority in selecting a tool has to be that it accomplishes what is needed by the team with as little overhead as possible.  Second priority is that the team has to be willing to use it. Trello meets a lot of needs for specific types of projects, and the free cost helps!

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