Sitecore 10 benefits for Developers, DevOps and IT

Deliver more rapidly to accelerate digital experience success with new features — from container infrastructure orchestration to integrated data and marketing functionality.

If you want a quick overview of the whole release, check out Sitecore 10 highlights article. In the following article, we’re going to drill down into the changes and benefits for the technical teams of developers, DevOps professionals, and IT staff.

Take a tour!

In this video, Nick Wesselman provides a quick tour for developers of the new stuff in Sitecore 10:

Nick also has a great overview in his LinkedIn article Sitecore 10.0 Released: A Great Day for Sitecore Developers.

Continuous Delivery with Sitecore Containers

First announced as supported in Sitecore 9.3, Sitecore 10 brings about new tools from Sitecore on how to adopt a container approach in your delivery flow. Why are containers important? In general, if you’ve been doing your development with virtual machines or local installations, moving to a Docker-driven development and infrastructure flow will be a huge benefits for you. In general, you can address four major areas:

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Should we host Sitecore on IaaS or PaaS? (Jan 2020)

This started as a question on the community forums, and my answer got so long I decided to capture it here as well.

In general, when you are choosing an infrastructure model the first question you need to ask is what your team is comfortable having responsibility over, and what your organization is willing to pay to have somebody else worry about. You could do it in-house, pay a managed services group or Sitecore partner, or have Sitecore do things for you. Figure out what your team wants to have responsibility for and then that will guide you towards the best hosting model for your production environment.

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