2016 Sitecore Symposium – Day Three Recap

This week has been an overload of information! Hard to think that Symposium is all wrapped up now, but it was a great time meeting old friends and new ones and enjoying many things that New Orleans has to offer. A great week provided to us by the team at Sitecore!

The day started with Jane McGonigal bringing us to the world of gamification (and a lot of Pokemon Go). We struggle every day with a basic premise that has been drilled into us: the opposite of play is work. However, as the keynote informed us: “The opposite of play isn’t work – it’s depression.”

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2016 Sitecore MVP Summit – Day Two

The second day of MVP Summit 2016 started with a bit of a rushed breakfast down in the Hyatt lobby with some fellow MVPs. I was wondering whether I should bring my laptop or not to our offsite meetings today, but I decided to lug the bag with us and get down to join folks for the buses. It was about 8am, probably shouldn’t run up to the hotel room. Although, the “depart at 8am” must surely have meant congregate at 8am, right?

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2016 Sitecore MVP Summit – Day One

Like many of the MVPs who travelled to New Orleans this year, the trip began in the wee early hours of the morning. A 3:30am alarm gets me up and ready for the 4:00am taxi to the airport with a driver who thankfully understood I had no desire to chat at this hour of the morning and silently got me where I needed to go while I zoned out in the back.

After some hiccups trying to get my boarding tickets, I finally had what I needed and got through security just in time to grab a quick bite and start boarding. My colleague, great boss, and fellow MVP, @GlenMcInnis chats with me a bit while we wait to board and then we find our seats and get ready for the excitement.

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Using email addresses as your Sitecore username

Are you storing extranet users in the Sitecore database? Want the user to sign in with their email address to easily remember their username? By default, Sitecore doesn’t allow email address formats to be stored in the username field, but never fear, it can be done!

The Sitecore setting ‘AccountNameValidation‘ sets a regular expression that gets used to validate whether a provided username has a valid format. You can find more details on this setting via the Sitecore KB article: https://kb.sitecore.net/articles/259229

Note: I recommend using a patch configuration to change this value, as opposed to editing the Web.config as recommended by the KB article.

An easy regex that will let anything in is the following:

<setting name="AccountNameValidation" value=".+" />

You will likely also want to consider enforcing unique usernames on your membership provider. The requiresUniqueEmail attribute on your membership provider can be set to true. See Brian Caos blog for more details!

Uhhh… this post seems a LOT like Brian’s blog

Yup! Kudos to Brian for the great post. I’ll admit, this one is mostly for me to be able to quickly find the details next time I need it 🙂