Agile in the Iron Triangle


Many of us are valiantly in the trenches trying to bring agile practices to our teams, clients, and organizations. Others have heard the buzz over the last decade and are starting to make their first steps. Either way, you need to remember that some issues never go away. The old constraints of scope, budget, and time keep coming back, regardless of software methodology involved. Over on the nonlinear blog, I’ve got a new blog up about working with Agile in the Iron Triangle.

UPDATE (2020-03-31): I have discovered that this blog was taken down so I have copied it over to this site. Enjoy!

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Introducing the Keystone resource category!

keystone-logoHave you just started with Keystone for Sitecore? Getting your feet wet and have questions? As one of the architects involved in the building of the Keystone development accelerator, I am starting up a new section of this site to provide regular posts on areas of interest, hidden nuggets, and other things you won’t necessarily see in the official manuals.

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Sitecore MVP Summit 2014: Return of the Jedi

MVP 2014 -TechnologyThe week in Vegas culminated with the gathering of all the North American Sitecore MVPs for the 2014 MVP Summit. Starting off with a solid breakfast was a must for most of the group, especially those who had stayed out until the wee hours of the morning. If a coffee shortage had occurred, blood might well have been shed!

Luckily for all, food and liquids were in plentiful supply and the group was small enough to feel cozy. The MVP summit had a lot of ‘secret stuff’ that can’t be shared, but I can say that it looks like the future of Sitecore is going to be pretty exciting!

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Sitecore Symposium 2014 Day 3: The closing sessions

Sitecore 122After a busy day of tracks on Day 2 followed by a late party at the club, Wednesday’s sessions seemed to be starting a little early for pretty much everybody. 🙂 My plan for Wednesday was to see a few key sessions and spend more time meeting folks at the booth, so I apologize that there were many sessions going on that I can’t recap.

As a general overview of Wednesday, the crowd was a little quieter and the desire for coffee seemed to be pretty high. I got a chance to chat with quite a few of the Sitecore folks, still donning their purple shirts, which was nice since I’ve only ever spoken to most of these folks on the phone. It’s always great to put a face to the name/voice! To everybody who came by and said hello at the booth, thanks so much, I love meeting those of you that chat with me on twitter and here on the blog.

Now, on to some session stuff!

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Sitecore Symposium 2014 Day 2

Sitecore 122Day 2 of the SYMNA held much excitement as the keynotes and tracks kicked off with a bang (or at least with dancing). Michael Seifert delivered an excellent opening keynote to set the tone for the day (say “Experience” one more time) which entirely focused on learning the complete context of a customer in order to truly understand their experience. A few slick Sitecore 8 screens later and we were all itching to get our hands on it.

For me, the really neat part of it all was the tie-in to the Microsoft Azure machine learning computing. I can really see that part taking experience prediction on a whole new path that we haven’t gone down yet. However, this type of computing may be quite a ways off for a lot of small-to-medium business who are still wrapping their minds (and content) around basic personalization and A/B testing.

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Sitecore Symposium 2014: Time to Keystone!

Sitecore 122With just 8 hours of flights between myself and Vegas, the excitement was starting to build. Our team was coming out in full force this year to watch some great sessions, meet awesome people, and show off Keystone at our booth!

After years of building up an accelerator internally to deliver our own solutions to clients more quickly, we’ve productized our framework into the new Keystone platform. Now, it’s time to share with the world!

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Visual Studio Online Stakeholder licensing is live

TFSAbout a month ago, I mentioned that Visual Studio Online was making some licensing changes to better integrate the greater project team into the tool. The Stakeholder licensing changes were announced as live this past week. Of course this happened while I was away on vacation!

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