Don’t Fight The Framework Pt V – Sitecore’s built on Sitecore so build your site on Sitecore.

Great post on how to align solution development to the Sitecore platform! Love the series, but Part V really spoke to how I try to put a solution together.


This one will be a relatively quick one ( hopefully before the girlfriend finds out I am working on our holiday 😉 ). Continuing on in the Don’t Fight The Framework series, I thought I would discuss a topic that has kind of formed the more I have worked with Web Content Management Systems such as Sitecore. As me and Simon used to band about in our development exploits (usually in a faux Danish accent) – ‘Sitecore is built on Sitecore’ and it got me thinking…

The basic premise is this – we as developers are often guilty of just opening visual studio and hacking away at our latest interesting issues / projects & crazy solutions to problems. I have found particularly with Sitecore you can sometimes get a feel for how successful a Sitecore solution you have developed by how much time you spend in Visual Studio ( not…

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Going Lean: Tips from the trenches

ScrumContinuous refinement is always in need when working in an agile delivery framework. The first thing you learn when you adopt a framework is that it does not work for all situations. Scrum, like other models, works really well in particular development situations. Sometimes, however, you need to transition your team to something leaner for a particular project that doesn’t fit into the regular delivery cadence.

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5 things Sitecore training won’t prepare you for

Sitecore 122This past week I had the pleasure of pair programming with a new member of our team at nonlinear. I don’t say that sarcastically, as it actually was a lot of fun to bring another person into the fold, fresh off of Sitecore certification. It’s also been a while since I’ve done any pair programming, and it really lets you see how much learning we do on the job, project after project.

Instead of putting our new team member on a “make-work” project to have them get their feet wet, it was time for sink-or-swim time! As the week rolled on, we started realizing some of the gaps that Sitecore training just cannot prepare you for.

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