Sitecore Continuous Deployment: Conditional sublayout logic

Sitecore 122In a previous post, I discussed handling the continuous deployment of templates and layouts, but mentioned that you also need to worry about conditional business logic in your sublayouts. The primary issue is this: if the data model is constantly in flux and the system is in a state of needing to maintain current functionality while also supporting testing of new functionality, how do we avoid sublayouts blowing up when they render to the user?

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Sitecore 7.2: Related Item Publishing

SitecoreA lot of new stuff dropped in Sitecore 7.2, so our team started taking a look at some of the bits that interested us most. I did a little bit of testing and review of the new related item publishing enhancements, and they are quite nice.

Peek on over at the corporate blog for my findings:

Et tu brute? Of cargo cults and agility…

ScrumI’m not sure what triggered it, but at some point while I was on vacation a few folks started getting really ticked off about the state of “Agile” these days. People adhering to rules or tools, not understanding what it means to bring agility to a project, or building giant runways in the jungle hoping an aircraft drop of supplies will come by.

I don’t necessarily disagree with the points made by the authors, except perhaps the insinuation that all consultants are a bunch of wannabes trying to fleece money from unknowing customers by using buzzwords and flashy smiles. What I didn’t understand: what was prompting this? Have we just reached a tipping point where the first generation of agilists is getting fed up with dealing with ‘fake’ agile?

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Making the case for Continuous Deployment

SitecoreOver on the corporate blog, I’ve tried to make the case for executing continuous deployment for Sitecore solutions.  In reality, the concepts apply to any web applications being developed, but the particulars of how you will accomplish it will depend on the technology platforms being used.

I’d love to get some feedback, so please take a look and let me know your thoughts!

Feeling the Product Owner’s pain

On Friday, a large group of us gathered in the office for a full day of looking at how we are currently managing our requirements over the course of a project. In the room we had folks who play the roles of technical leads, scrum masters, and product owners, all chatting over some giant muffins, lots of sticky notes, and one too many rehashings of the insanely catchy Lego movie song.

Cue “Everything is awesome” to be stuck in your head for 4 days now.

A lot of our focus was on the various artifacts we need to pull together, and how they depend on each other. Really, what we were trying to do, was expose the details of why our Product Owners have been needing to pull off heroics just to keep on top of things.

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