Sitecore 7: Unit Testing fake indexes with MSTest

SitecoreI recently posted a prototype solution to our corporate blog showcasing unit testing against Sitecore 7 indexes. I have made a solution available for download to show you how to use MSTEST to execute unit tests against fake indexes in Sitecore 7, and also how to do this without a mocking framework. Along with the download, I put together a slideshare about my misadventures trying to get this set up, and to also help explain some of the prototype. Try it out, and let me know what you think!

Cloning issues in JIRA OnDemand using Atlassian SDK

Recently, I wanted to start spinning up new projects in JIRA with some common epics and stories that we see on a lot of our projects. This seemed like a great way to capture some of the best practices and planning items that our teams have gathered over the years and ensure our teams can kick off consistently without starting from scratch.

Digging into the administrative tools, it didn’t seem like there were any import/cloning options in JIRA OnDemand to allow us to copy issues from one project to another. It looks like if you want to do this, you need to do it yourself!

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Sitecore Continuous Deployment: Templates and Sublayouts

SitecoreIf you have decided to move to a continuous deployment model with your Sitecore solution, you now have several hurdles that you need to overcome to get your solution from development into production without risking the stability of the user experience.  One of these is the introduction of new ‘building block’ content items such as templates or sublayouts.  It may take several iterations to get new templates and sublayouts to be correct, so how do we introduce these into the Sitecore database without affecting the production experience?

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Sitecore 6.6: Custom error pages do not display when Sitecore database down

SitecoreWith some versions of Sitecore, there is a known issue where a 500 error will be shown if the connection to the Sitecore database is down.  A Karbyn blog post details the confirmed versions and how to reproduce, as well as a potential fix via Sitecore support ticket 377391.  We have also confirmed the issue occurs with Sitecore 6.6 revision 130529.

When we attempted to implement the fix found in ticket 377391, we found that this fix only solved the problem on single instance installations.  With a multi-instance configuration where event queues are enabled, several other errors popped up that the original ticket did not solve.  The EventProvider and InitializeManagers classes throw errors prior to allowing the website to display the custom error pages.

After following up with Sitecore Support, we were able to get some help and another fix that resolves the issue for installations running event queues.  In addition to the original fix (Sitecore.Support.377391), a new DLL is added for the remaining classes (Sitecore.Support.401487).

If you contact support and reference issue ID 400401, Sitecore Support should be able to get you the needed configuration changes and the DLLs.  That issue has the original fix attached to it, as well as the new fix and a configuration file we created to include the changes via a patch file.  With these fixes, your custom error pages will display even when the databases are down on a multi-instance setup.