Sitecore login performance slows down over time

SitecoreOn a recent project using Sitecore 6.6, we ran across a strange performance problem with logging in visitors to the site.  As the day went along, the response time for logging in a visitor to the site would slow down. Combined with Windows Authentication being required, this meant that initial loads of all pages were slowing down for all users throughout the day.  The initial login times were in the milliseconds range, but by mid-day some users were taking up to 8 full seconds just to complete a login call, aside from any page load times.

What was causing this?

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7 Tips for Agile ALM

application-lifecycle-managementJurgen Appelo posted a great slide share a few years back on Agile ALM.  While there is a lot of great content in the slideshare, including covering the difference between ALM 1.0 and ALM 2.0, my favourite section is the 7 tips for Agile ALM.  These tips provide guidance on what the tools should do, as well as how to go about selecting the tool.

I have quoted the tips below for easy reference, along with some personal commentary from my own experience, but I highly recommend reviewing the entire slideshare:

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Questions on getting started with Scrum

ScrumEven though the web will have many resources available to users on how to get started with Scrum, some folks do find they need help sifting through the massive amounts of information to find what they need.  Recently, I answered some questions for a person in just such a situation who was looking to move their small 3-4 person team to a Scrum methodology.  Following is an excerpt from that Q&A interaction.

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