Sitecore 7: Buckets scare me

This week, I returned back from a client site to join my colleagues in a planning workshop for Sitecore 7. Our group already has one client moving to Sitecore 7, and we’ll likely have several other Sitecore 7 projects coming down the pipe in the next year, which means we need to be ready for it. There are a lot of things coming in this next release that are really cool for developers, but buckets are giving me the heebie-jeebies. Continue reading “Sitecore 7: Buckets scare me”

Release Management with InRelease

I saw InRelease back at the 2013 ALM Summit and the short demo Claude gave was quite impressive. Now that it’s been folded into the Visual Studio project suite by Microsoft, this just enhances the ability to use Microsoft tooling for DevOps. This post by Jasper Gilhuis covers the basics of release management with InRelease really nicely!

Jasper Gilhuis

In this post I will highlight the latest addition to the Visual Studio product suite, InRelease. This Release Management tool, which was recently acquired by Microsoft, is meant for bridging the gap between Development and Operations by providing a clear, repeatable, automated deployment procedure.

This post has been written with the knowledge that in a few weeks InRelease will be integrated in the VS2013 suite. VS2013 will globally launch on November 13th. I will update this post accordingly when it is released.

Introducing a new tool is difficult, I will first cover the surroundings, introduce related topics and terminology and will then go into more details on the Release Management tool itself by doing a walkthrough.

Branching Strategy

Most Development teams will use some form of branching strategy, in my ALM consultancy job I frequently implement the following branching strategy. See the Visual Studio ALM Rangers Branching and…

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How to set up Trello board for Scrum

TrelloIn the past, I’ve written about how to use Trello for agile task tracking, and also about some tools that allow you to use Trello for Scrum. Recently I started up a little side project for a personal application I wanted to write, and I decided to run the project using Trello and Scrum for Trello as my task tracking tools.

In this post, I’d like to walk you through the process of how to configure a Trello board to run a Scrum-like process.

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Preparing for success on your next website launch

Website LaunchI recently blogged over on Nonlinear Thinking about the 9 steps to a successful Sitecore website launch.  While targeted at a Sitecore audience, these steps do apply to pretty much any website launch.

So, if you are about to plan the site launch for your most recent project, putting together a cutover project plan, or you are just wondering about some common obstacles you should watch out for, check it out!

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UPDATED 2020-02-13: The Nonlinear blog site is no longer valid and the redirect did not work. I have found an alternate blog copy of this on Medium which i have included instead. Because of the likelihood this content may be removed, I have duplicated the content below:
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