Sitecore 7: Available for download!

SitecoreIt’s official, the new 7.0 is out there!  You can download it off of the Sitecore Developer Network at:

Coinciding with the release have been a blast of emails, twitter posts, and blog posts, including the following series from my colleagues:

Of note: There’s an upcoming online session from Sitecore this week on using LINQ with Sitecore 7.  My team and I are going to be attending this to see what’s new.  Check out the event details:

Performance tuning your Sitecore installation

SitecoreI’ll be continuing the Baby Steps to SOA topic next week, but for this week I’m jumping back into the world of Sitecore.  I’ve just spent the past few weeks performance tuning another project, and there are so many rabbit-holes one has to jump down to find the culprit of a performance issue.  Networks, databases, memory leaks, caching, bad code, integration bottlenecks… so many variables that can lead to a Sitecore site performing poorly under load even when it seems all the Sitecore configurations are correct.

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Baby Steps to SOA – An Introduction

Around five years ago, I remember a lot of folks started getting into the hype around Service-Oriented Architecture. “This is the way of the future!” you would hear, or “All of our problems will be solved by moving to SaaS or SOA!” Take a moment now and consider your own workplace. How much of your business processes are actually sitting in a nice reusable service? Any?  Alternatively, how many times have you had to make a bug fix in the middle of a bunch of hard-coded integration logic running SQL directly to a legacy system?

There’s probably one eager developer at your workplace (maybe even you?) that jumped on the bandwagon, built an ASMX or WCF service to serve up tombstone data from a legacy backend, and then gave up when nobody else adopted it. Adoption has been a huge problem in many organizations, especially small-to-medium businesses that simply don’t have the budgets to rebuild their entire infrastructure from the current spaghetti mess of interdependencies to a full SOA managed by an Enterprise Service Bus.

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